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Developers Files

Following recent requests for the file specifications and example return files, the following files detail the various xml schemas relating to ITIS, BIK, Manpower (from December 2013), GST and Social Security electronic returns, as well as detailed formulae for BIK returns and an example xml file for each return type.

Developers Kit (From 2013)


The link above will allow you to download a Developers Package .zip file containing schemas and example XMLs for the following return types:

  • ITIS / BIK
  • GST
  • Social Security
  • Manpower

It also contains 2 .zip files within itself for the setup of the following:

  • ITS_EmpDLL (Employers Returns DLL to help with submission of files for thrid party developers)
  • ITS_EmpExe (Employers Returns Interface executable - a user interface to the DLL)

Both of these applications require the Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.0 Redistributable Package (48Mb). If you require this installation then it can be downloaded here.

Developers Kit (Up to 2013)

XML Schemas & BIK Formulae

Example Files

Click on the above links to open the files. Once open, the document can been saved to your computer. Alternatively, if you would like to download a zip file containing all the above links click here


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