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Online EUSD Retention Tax Declaration Form

Online EUSD disclosures are possible via this link.

1. Click link to open the EUSD Retention Tax Declaration Form in a new window.
2. Fill in the fields as appropriate.
3. Press 'Submit Data' to validate and transfer the information.


Template for EUSD Disclosures
(Requires Microsoft Excel)

This download is to be used by agents who need to make an EUSD disclosure. Details can be filled in for the paying agent and each client.

Click here to view or download the notes on using the Excel Template for EUSD Disclosures


EUSD Disclosure Transfer Application

This application allows the user to validate a disclosure produced by independent software and submit it via the internet.

(This application requires Microsoft's dotnetfx V2.0 which can be downloaded here)


EUSD Methods of Submission
(Links to www.gov.je)


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