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ISE - International Service Entity

Screen completion guidance.

The person or entity making the application should enter the details in the top part of Section 1. This should be the name of the Company, Partnership, Trust or Society. The taxpayer reference for this entity must be entered together with details of Trading Style, if any, and address and contact details.

The taxpayer reference and name entered should be replicated in the detail entry line that is below the telephone contact details, if it is not, copy the details from the first section. Proceed now to tick the appropriate boxes for that entity. Please note that some combinations are not possible and will not be permitted by the system.

Enter the number of vehicles, if any, for the entity in the "No of Vehicles" box and also tick the box if you are applying for authorization to maintain a list.

Check that all details for the entity are correct and if so click the "Add to List" button.

This will cause the entry you have just made to appear as the first line of a table.

Now repeat the process for each entity you wish to list and compute the fee for. As you do this the calculation of aggregate fee payable will be updated.

If you discover a mistake in any entry, click the icon at the start of the entry and it will be deleted. You may now enter the correct information.

Please check that all the information is correct before clicking on the submit button.

Tick the box if you agree this entry can be listed on the GST web page (this will enable potential suppliers to easily establish your ISE status).

You will be asked to confirm entry and if you confirm, the system will carry out some basic validation. If this is successful the entry will be processed and you will receive a confirmation message and an opportunity to take a print of the application.

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